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Don't let this happen outside your facility!
Voters waiting in line to vote
Voters waiting in line to vote
The public waiting in line at a retail store
The public waiting in line at a retail store

How things could be

When I walk up to the facility, I see the "JOIN THE LINE HERE" and QR codes

After scanning the "Wait" QR, I get this text message
This is also the QR that can be published to check the wait from anywhere before coming

I just scanned the QR to join the queue with two people - prompted to send text message

I get back an immediate response, including my place in line and wait time!
I return to my vehicle to wait in safety (no covid, weather, etc)

When it's my turn, I get a text saying so, along with my number


IsoQueue - Increases Participation, Engagement & Sales while avoiding COVID and weather exposure!

   FOR: Government • Retailers • Health Facilities
    What if you could wait in line from the safety of your car, and receive a text message when it's your turn?
     FREE for Voting locations and Public Service uses (DMV, Unemployment office, etc.)
   "Your business sounds amazing.  I’ve tested the code and found it very easy to use..." County voting administrator, Oregon
   "... thank you for your work and look forward to using IsoQueue for all our office-wide social distancing needs." County voting administrator, Colorado
   "... this sounds like the best thing since sliced bread," County voting administrator, New York
    This software protects the public (customer or voter) from Coronovirus exposure, weather conditions, and more instead of waiting in a line with other people.
    Check out our short PDF Quick Start Guide, Launching a new Facility, and Launching a new facility mid-day.
Click here to see how you can real-world test IsoQueue with zero chance of problems/failures/repercussions.
   Set-up automaticly in 60 seconds, go live immediately!
For more information, contact:
Wesley Owens - Owner/Developer Volunteer Matrix
(808) 982-4174 or [ email ]
DUNS # 117160626; CAGE Code 8D8M0; SAM registered/approved (Federally approved contractor); VOSB (Veteran Owned Small Business registered)
Call anytime for a quick screen sharing demo of the system!
Super simple setup to go live
Click the "Get started with IsoQueue now" button above, fill out a brief online form with your County/organization info and info on the first facility/location. You will get an email with the documentation & QR codes to print within 2 minutes, and then you can immediately start using the system. Go live in only 5 minutes!
Your admin area includes options to edit your info and easily add new facilities/voting locations (unlimited).
Some features include:
Costs: Our mission/goal is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in public places where possible.

You can also give it a try here:
For joing a queue to Vote:
Alternative: send the letters '222vote'
in a text message to 2_600@
click buttons to try others:
In this example, it will ask you to scan the QR multiple times, where normally customer scans the QR one time to join the queue, then the employee would check the customer in/out of the facility without their needing to scan the QR code again.
•Just open your smart phone camera, and point it at the QR code.
•This will prompt you to send a text message.
•Just send the text it creates for you.
•This will add you to a queue as if you were at a store with a queue.
•Follow along with the cues in the text messages (to simulate check in & out)
Privacy Policy
Users of IsoQueue provide their cell phone number to IsoQueue by sending a text message to our system. This number is only used by IsoQueue during the users visit to the facility where they are waiting in queue.
The facility/company does not have access to the user phone numbers at any time, and after a user depart the facility, their number and any identifiable data related to their visit are deleted permanently.
Depending on the facilities typical time in facility, if a user fails to check in or out, their data will be removed after 4x the typical visit time.
Users are also provided a way to exit the queue via texting, and immediately terminate their place in the queue, which will delete their identifiable data.
IsoQueue does keep data related to each use - time in facility, without being attached to any identifiable data. This helps us predict the wait times for those currently in the queue.
We may also keep transaction data, with no identifiable information (phone number was deleted), for use by IsoQueue to look for any issues with our processes, and to identify ways we can improve our processes.
At no time is any users phone number provided to any other organization, company, etc. it is only used for the purpose of managing the queue at the facility for the time the user is at the facility.

See VOSB infoIsolation Queue
(808) 982-4174 | [ email ]
a product of Volunteer Matrix
A Veteran Owned Small Business
My Story & the invention of Isolation Queue
After seeing the citizens of Wisconsin standing in incredibly long lines to vote in April, then myself standing in an incredibly long line at a Trader Joe's ... and knowing there has to be a better way, I immediately set upon programming what I've called - Isolation Queue, the mission is to help people avoid catching Covid while they wait in line - whether to vote, or at a retailer.
Very simply, if there is a wait at a facility, a customer/voter will scan a QR Code with their phone, be sent a text message with their # in line and approximate wait time. Then when it's their turn, they get a text message letting them know, allowing them to wait safely in their vehicle (also avoiding wet or hot weather.)
In addition to limiting the spread of Covid, IsoQueue will help retailers avoid customer "Line Fatigue", where a customer arrives, sees a long line, and then leaves to a competitors facility looking for no line. When using IsoQueue, customers won't see the 25 people in the virtual line which equates to only a 5 minute wait, and so won't deter them from waiting in the comfort and safety of their vehicle for that golden moment - "It's your turn!". Hallelujah.
I served in the USN for 6 years during the Persian Gulf War. I was stationed on the USS Midway (and others) and was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal. After the USN, I launched my web development/programming business with a focus on 501c3 nonprofits. When hurricane Katrina hit, I tried to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity NOLA, and discovered that they were overwhelmed with volunteers, and what they really needed was a way to manage their volunteer process, something I had the skills to help with. This essentially launched what would become Volunteer Matrix, which is used for the management and scheduling of volunteers across the US and Canada, which today continues to be an innovator in the industry, while remaining the lowest cost option. Volunteer Matrix plays integral role, if only behind the scenes, in the tens of thousands of volunteers with Habitat NOLA and the many, many more with additional organizations since.
Wesley Owens
Owner/Developer Volunteer Matrix